Fluffy knitting pattern based on English elastic

fluffy knitting pattern

In this video, we will knit a textured pattern.

This stunning, voluminous, fluffy pattern is knitted with an English elastic band.

It can be used for various products: for hats, scarves, snoods. For sweaters, cardigans, and a variety of other options.

When knitting this pattern, you need to take into account that the consumption of yarn will be slightly higher than in less voluminous patterns.

The pattern report consists of 2 loops and 16 rows.

For example, we used yarn with a footage of 90 meters in 50 grams, knitting needles No. 4.5.

To knit a pattern in rotary rows, we collect the number of loops in multiples of 2 = 1 for symmetry and + 2 edge loops

Setting range: purl all loops

1 row: edge, * 1 front, 1 loop off with a crochet * 1 front, edge

2, 4, 6 Rows: hem, remove 1 loop with a crochet, * 1 front (knit the loop and yarn together), remove 1 loop with a crochet *, hem

3, 5, 7 Rows: hem, * 1 front (knit the loop and yarn together), remove 1 loop with a yarn * 1 front, hem

8 row: purl all loops

9, 11, 13, 15 Rows: hem * 1 loop off with yarn over, 1 front loop (knit loop and yarn together) * hem

10, 12, 14 Rows: hem, 1 front, * remove 1 loop with yarn, 1 front (knit loop and yarn together) * hem

16 row: purl all loops

Beautiful products and even loops for you!)

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