Knitted sweater with pimples master class


Stylish and fashionable knitted sweater with pimples (knobs) knitted from mohair. To see and buy such in the store - you definitely will not!) You can either pull this pullover (by looking at my master class), or order the needlewoman to link it to you))
In this article you can watch a video review about this sweater, as well as a video master class.

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Baptismal knitted set for girls (part 1)

комплект для крещения вязаный крючкомCharming set for baptism, photo I saw on the Internet, and it sunk into my soul. So wanted to tie him, but could not find the reason, it seems to be no one, but the dream about him I did not leave. And now the time has come - and we have a daughter. It is clear that much of a hassle, as a small child - bottles, diapers ... But between all these worries, I still found the time to dream a little)) to knit the photo, this turned out not all at once. So I decided to make a detailed step by step workshop to facilitate the robot girls who also want to tie him up. I think it would greatly facilitate your work;)
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Knitted set of hats, mittens and LIC – “Lilac”

вязаный комплект сиреньThis cute kit with braids I was knitting melange of half-woolen yarn. It is designed for the winter season and will warm you even in severe frosts. Especially for this I knitted cap in two strands. A LIC warm due to their large bulk and braids. Mitten, a large middle oblique complement the image.

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Почему не стоит продавать свой труд за гроши?!

вязаный купальникЯ люблю вязать, и в последнее время всё больше и больше уделяю внимание своему любимому занятию. Но так хочется, чтоб это приносило свои плоды, ведь все мечтают о работе, которая будет в удовольствие, так почему же я не могу совместить приятное с полезным?





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