Ballerinas – slippers from knitted yarn MK

балетки з трикотажної пряжі

У цьому відео я покажу як зв’язати балетки (тапочки, следки) з трикотажної пряжі за допомогою гачка В’яжуться вони досить швидко, хоча і може трохи втомлюватися рука.


Description of home knitted crochet boots

вязаные домашние сапоги

Come the cold, and we just want warmth and comfort of home. That’s a great idea as to warm your feet. Plus this boot is that you can link them from what you have at home. Personally, I did just that! Usually they are knitted from yarn, which includes wool, but since I’ve been home a couple of Hanks yarn that apparently remained on something, I took it. You can so the same dissolve any old sweater that you no longer wear, or even what ever you did not want a thing.


Fishnet socks knitting needles

Fishnet socks knitting needlesDelicate openwork socks can be used both for home use and for walking. Much depends on the yarn, which you will knit them. They may be quite summer and warmer. But in any case, you will feel very comfortable and attractive in knitted socks!


Owl Socks by Julie Elswick Suchomel

socks with owlsOwlie’s charming socks will look very gently on your legs. And the original drawing with owls makes it clear that they are not just connected, but have a deep meaning. Owl – a symbol of wisdom. And this means that these socks will not only warm the legs, but also make it wiser.


Knitted leggings

knitted leggingsWarm leggings can be worn at any time of the year. They can be worn on boots in the winter, or just on the feet under sneakers, sneakers or ballet flats, during the warmer time of the year. They will always attract the attention of people around you. With the help of gaiters, you will stand out from the crowd and, finally, just warm your legs.


Knitted boots for home master class

Home Knitted BootsAnother version of knitted boots for the home. They are very comfortable and warm, you will feel very comfortable in them. And after reading this article, you can become the owner of the same at home. Here I did a detailed workshop on their knitting. Welcome! =))