Knitted Bactus My Rock N Roll – Knitting Needle Workshop

вязаный бактус спицами

This bactus is associated in addition to a hat with the same name, “My Rock and Roll.” Bactus used handkerchief and facial smoothness. On one edge are the cloves. I knitted them in two ways. Therefore, two bactus are separated from each other. More about this, I tell and show in the video.


Вязаная шапка My Rock N Roll – Мастер класс спицами

вязаная шапка

Эта шапка сразит наповал своим блеском! Особенно он заметен когда ярко светит солнце. Весной ведь можно и поблистать!) И в то же время – стильная рваная модель. Вещи в таком стиле уже прозвали “Лакшери рвань” или “Хипстерские дырки”.


Volumetric cap with curlicues (braids) – master class

knitting hat

This super volumetric cap with curlicues (braids) is knitted with needles. I really liked this pattern, and I decided to try it in a hat – I was pleased with the result! If you want the same for yourself, then join, and knit it with me on a detailed video master class!


Stylish cap for your offspring

baby knitted hatIf you want your baby to look fashionable and stylish already from an early age – then tie him this hat! Its bright color will not let you or your child get bored, and the yarn from 100% wool will warm you and will not let you freeze.


Crochet hat with pompons

little girl hat with pompomsAt first glance it may seem that it is not so easy to tie such a hat, but it is not at all so! In fact, this is the simplest model, which is crocheted from rather thick threads, and this is proof that you will not spend a lot of time on its implementation. When her knitting does not even need to care about the form, you just need to collect the top edge to form the four corners, which then decorate with colorful pom-poms.


Gentle and romantic hat for girls

baby hatThis hat is not hard to knit at all – but it looks very stylish! Your baby will definitely not give up such a nice little present that will warm your ears in the cold season of the year! Everyone knows that children do not always like to wear hats, but no one will refuse such a thing, because your baby will feel like a little princess in her!


Glamorous hat for girls “Cat”

glamorous baby capIf you tie such a hat to your daughter, then she will certainly be proud of you! Cheerful, original, fashionable and funny hat will not disregard anyone. All girlfriends just obzaviduyus! Such a hat can not be bought in the store, that’s for sure! And how much warmth and love are in it … After all, when you knit something, but also for your beloved little man, then you put all your soul in each loop !!!





Set of hats for mom and baby master class

knitted hatsCute set of hats for mom and baby. Warm you and your baby. The white color of the caps gives them tenderness, warmth and comfort. And, the fact that they are connected with love is noticeable at first sight!