Gentle and romantic hat for girls

baby hatThis hat is not hard to knit at all – but it looks very stylish! Your baby will definitely not give up such a nice little present that will warm your ears in the cold season of the year! Everyone knows that children do not always like to wear hats, but no one will refuse such a thing, because your baby will feel like a little princess in her!

hat for girls
For knitting you will need: medium-sized yarn, which includes 85% wool, 10% sholka and 5% cashmere, as well as circular needles No. 4.5, a set of stocking needles No. 5 and 4 buttons with a diameter of about 2 centimeters.

The cap uses:
stocking knitting – in all circular rows we knit facial loops, and garter – in all straight and reverse rows we knit facial loops.
Knitting stocking knitting density should be 15 loops by 22 rows = 10 by 10 centimeters.
We start knitting with a crown . We collect 5 loops on the needles number 5, put a marker and knit knit in a circle, while you must ensure that the loop is not twisted.
1st row – add the 1st loop in each loop, in the end we get 10 loops on the spokes;
2nd row – knit without adding;
3rd row – add the 1st loop to each loop – we get 20 loops;
4th row – knit without adding;
5th row – * 1st facial, add, 3 facial loops, add, so repeat from * to the end of the row, in the end we get 30 loops;
6th row – knit without adding;
7th row – * 1st face loop 1, add 5 facial loops, add, knit so from * to the end of the row – we get 40 loops on the needles;
8th row – knit without adding;
9th row – * 1st facial loop 1-a, add, 7 facial loops, add, repeat from * to the end of the row – we get 50 loops on the spokes;
10th and 11th rows – knit without adding;
12th row – * 1st facial loop, add, 9 facial loops, add, repeat from * to the end of the row – we get 60 loops on the spokes;
13-15th rows – knit without adding;
16th row – * 1 face loop, add, 11 face loops, add, knit from * to the end of the row – we get 70 loops on the spokes;
17-20th rows – we knit without adding;
21st row – * 1 face loop, we add, 13 face loops, we add, we knit from * to the end of the row – we get 80 loops on the spokes;
Next, we continue to knit the crown without adding loops until we reach the desired depth, which we specify by fitting. At the same time moisten the crown and otparivaem on boob.
Fields start knitting with needles No. 4.5, knit one circle, then turn the robot and type 20 loops.
1st row – we place the thread before work, remove the 1st loop as a purl, 18 face loops, 2 face loops together, so as to pick up one loop of the main web, and rotate the robot;
2nd row – we place the thread before work, remove one loop as a seamy, 19 face loops, and turn the robot.
So we repeat the 1st and 2nd rows working only on 20 loops. We knit until the length of the fields of the caps is even longer than the main part, after which we repeat only the 2nd row about 5 more centimeters. Close the loop.
At the end of the robots, we hide the ends and sew buttons through both parts, as in the photo. Steam and give the cap proper form and shape.

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