Green hat and mittens from Kirsten Kapur

green hat and mittensHow many times you can make sure that with the help of bright and beautiful yarn, even the simplest thing can fall in love with yourself! This kit is a worthy confirmation. It seems to be nothing special, but it is so fascinating and inspiring that I would definitely want to tie it up. And it seems that having tied yourself such a kit, you immediately get so much warmth and comfort in your soul, which is enough even to share it with your relatives and friends.

hat and mittens hatand mittens

For knitting you will need: Cascade 220 Heather yarn, which contains 100% Peruvian wool, 201 meter in 100 grams, a set of 4 number stocking needles or size that fits your knitting density, as well as an additional braid, 6 loop markers , knitting needle and pompon.
Further description:

hat and mittens description hat and mittens description hat and mittens descriptionhat and mittens description hat and mittens description hat and mittens descriptionKnit with pleasure !!!

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