Red dress of heart motifs masterclass

красное платье из сердецA great dress that will appeal to every girl. Bright, attractive and complex in execution. It naveet good mood even in the cloudy summer day. And the guys who see a beautiful girl in a bright dress with hearts – once you begin to fall in love!) Do not miss the opportunity to cheer up yourself and the people around him. Summer – a time of love …

Knitting in Online mode

Dress in the floor of the motives

платье в пол A stunning, elegant summer dress crocheted from motifs. It looks very tender and reminds of lace at the expense of thin threads. It can be supplemented with accessories, and then you will definitely look irresistible. Wearing it, you just can not avoid the amazed looks of others.




Summer yellow crochet dress

yellow knitted dressThis, at first glance, simple dress looks very impressive. You see it, and you immediately remember the summer, the sun, the sea, the beach … Oh, how I want to return to those warm and sunny days. You walk along the seashore, and there are stunning views around you, because this dress is one of those that everyone will pay attention to. Well, since this summer we didn’t manage to realize this little dream, we’ll definitely have time before the next one! And most importantly, knitting it is not at all difficult and it will not take a lot of your time.

Crochet crochet dress by Lilly Sarti

Crochet crochet dress by Lilly Sarti

Schemes and descriptions are created only for the most beautiful and valuable models. This is a romantic, elegant crocheted dress. Its designer is Lilly Sarti, this explains the exquisite taste of the dress, which corresponds to the current fashion.