Short pullover with patterns and braids

Short pullover with patterns and braidsThe pullover with raglan sleeves and a luxurious collar is made of soft merino wool, which is very pleasant to the body and does not prick at all. And the combination of braids and diagonal gum is simply impressive! You, for sure, will not be left without attention in this pullover, and you will look great and irresistible!





Warm Beanie and Raglan Pullover

warm beanie hat and raglan pulloverA beanie hat is a tight-fitting headdress that has no straps. This is a very comfortable style, which is suitable for walking on the street in the cool autumn and cold winter evenings. And the raglan pullover is the one in which the sleeve is cut out along with the shoulder part of the back and the front of the product. From ancient times to now – this is a fashionable style of clothing, which is always in trend!

Jacquard winter set with deer “He and she”

knitted set for him and herCozy and stylish set for you and your beloved! It consists of hats, mittens and sweaters – this is so in winter! And prints with deer on knitted things just return to the fashion and will be simply indispensable this season, especially for the Christmas holidays. And let your friends still just go shopping and looking for fashionable things of this season – and you will be awake in full readiness! Please Him, and yourself, beloved !!!

Delicate Mohair Pullover

stylish mohair pulloverKnitted things with mohair have always been popular, and it is not at all strange, because they give tenderness, warmth and comfort. And this model is not an exception, because this pullover is very stylish, and immediately sink into the soul of the brightest fashionistas! The color also matches his needs – it is very bright and expressive, you just can not be left without attention!





Stylish pullover knitting needles

pullover knitting needlesFashionable pullover that will accentuate your figure with a pattern that expands below the waist. With such a sweater, you can even hide small flaws in the figure, such as a small tummy, or vice versa, make the waist more expressive. To these advantages, you can add the fact that it is very stylish, because it was published in a famous journal. Be stylish and unique!




Knitted beige pullover with Aran

knitted pullover with AranA warm knitted pullover is suitable for both everyday and festive look. It differs from a regular sweater with its interesting patterns that will set you apart from the crowd. After all, only girls – needlewomen will be able to boast of such a sweater, you can not buy this in a store, that’s for sure! With this pullover, you can emphasize your individuality.

Pullover with a warm button-down collar, Bergere de France collection

men's pulloverA warm, knitted pullover with an original button closure will surely warm your beloved man. And if you bind it yourself, it will warm not only the body, but your soul mate, because the things that are associated with love have a special energy. Every man will be proud of such a thing in his wardrobe. And believe me – it will take first place there among other things, especially in the cold season.

Green Sleeveless Pullover

zelynaya bezrukavkaA warm, cozy sleeveless jacket with a voluminous collar from Bergere de France will definitely not allow you to freeze in cold, winter evenings. This stylish pullover is knitted with knitting, and if it is also done with your own hands, it will not only warm your body, but your soul as well. It can be supplemented with sleeves, but not sew them, but made on strings or buttons, so called mitts or leggings.




Men’s knitted pullover from the D & G collection

knitted men's pullover

Having seen this wonderful pullover from the D & amp; G collection, I just want to knit it. He is very stylish and just like your man. It well emphasizes the figure and has a V-shaped neckline. And due to sleep – it seems very warm and indispensable during cold winter days. If you wish, you can take it off, well, or not at all knit, but I think who will see it will fall in love, and will want to tie everything together.