Knitted beige pullover with Aran

knitted pullover with AranA warm knitted pullover is suitable for both everyday and festive look. It differs from a regular sweater with its interesting patterns that will set you apart from the crowd. After all, only girls – needlewomen will be able to boast of such a sweater, you can not buy this in a store, that’s for sure! With this pullover, you can emphasize your individuality.

knitted pullover with AranFor knitting a pullover, you will need: yarn, which contains 60% acrylic and 40% polyamide, 80 meters in 50 grams, as needles No. 4.5 and No. 5, which we will use to knit braids.


Further description:

knitted pullover with aranami description knitted pullover description knitted pullover with aranami description




Pattern and pattern of the Aran:
knitted pullover with aranami description knitted pullover description

Knitted pullover
Video channel with master class on knitting

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