Crochet vest for boy

vest for boyVery practical sleeveless jacket for your little man. You can wear it on the shirt or just as a T-shirt. Knitting it is very easy and simple, and most importantly, it will take quite a bit of time.



For knitting, we need: cotton yarn of 2 colors, blue and white, with a metric area of approximately 225 meters in 50 grams, and also hook No. 1.75-2.
We start knitting with the main pattern, knit according to the scheme:
sleeveless jacket for a boy

Knit shirt from the bottom to the top. We collect a chain of air loops (223 loops) and close it in a circle. We continue to knit sleeveless in a circle, according to the scheme. Thus, each row in the pattern we knit twice, because first we knit the back, and then the front, then 3 lifting loops, and proceed to knitting the second row. When tied up 28 rows, we begin to knit the front and back separately, according to the pattern. After completing knitting under the scheme, we tie the edges of the sleeveless jacket. At the bottom of the T-shirt, we attach a thread of blue color, and we knit a row with columns without a nakida, then we repeat the same with a white thread, again with a blue one, again with a white one, and we finish knitting with two rows of blue yarn crochets.
vest for boy

Next, go to the strapping neck and sleeves. Just as at the bottom of the sleeveless jacket, we knit 3 rows with double crochets, alternating colors. First blue, then white, and finally blue again.
bezrukavka dlya mal4ika2 vest for boy

As you were convinced, there is nothing complicated!)) Successful knitting for you !!!

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2 thoughts on “Crochet vest for boy

  1. Добрый день! Жилетка для маленького мальчика вязанная крючком по этому способу гораздо лучше, чем выполненные с применением простой вязки из накидов и столбиков. Соединение деталей.

  2. Если вы сами никогда не носили безрукавку крючком, и считаете такую одежду ненужной, то возможно стоит попробовать?

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