Brown scarf from Bergere de France

scarf from the collection of Bergere de FranceThe best gift for a young man is a scarf, because it is not at all difficult to knit, and therefore even the most inexperienced knitter will cope with this task! But, dear, it will be very nice to receive from you a gift that you made with your own hands! And if he also finds out that this scarf is from the Bergere de France collection, he will be absolutely delighted!



Cozy Lens – braided hose clamp

knitted snud-yokeThe name of the boat is quite consistent with its qualities. He is very warm, soft and cozy, indispensable for those girls who hate hats because they spoil their hair. A cozy snood-wrap replaces a warm scarf that does not soar and is very comfortable, because it does not hang between your legs.