Bright knitted mittens and LIC

knitted knit and mittens knittingAttractive mittens and snood in which you will feel irresistible! This is something new, a combination of braids and unusual patterns – will attract the attention of others! And at the expense of bright color – you will look even fresher and a few years younger! And who did not want to return the time back? Feel the most attractive and stylish, please yourself, and you will undoubtedly become the happiest! After all, what do we girls need for happiness? Very little…

Cozy Lens – braided hose clamp

knitted snud-yokeThe name of the boat is quite consistent with its qualities. He is very warm, soft and cozy, indispensable for those girls who hate hats because they spoil their hair. A cozy snood-wrap replaces a warm scarf that does not soar and is very comfortable, because it does not hang between your legs.