Crocheted green skirt

crochet knit skirtA tempting skirt idea was published in a knitting magazine. It is crocheted, and not at all a complicated pattern. You can safely wear such a skirt even in the cold season, and are not afraid to freeze, because if you take the yarn with the addition of wool, it will turn out to be very warm.



Crochet crochet skirt by Adam Lippes

Crochet crochet skirt by Adam Lippes

Every standard scheme has been used to everybody. Often we meet requests in the forums and various sites that would have thrown a new and interesting schema. But, more often than not, this does not give the expected results, all the “new” patterns are simply the long-forgotten “old” ones that have long been known to experienced knitters.

Knitting skirt from Victorias Secret

knit skirtWho said that a seemingly simple thing cannot be stylish? Just look at this wonderful knitted skirt with a beautiful pattern in the middle. It is not difficult to knit at all, but it looks not at all easy, but very attractive and interesting.