Bright knitted mittens and LIC

knitted knit and mittens knittingAttractive mittens and snood in which you will feel irresistible! This is something new, a combination of braids and unusual patterns – will attract the attention of others! And at the expense of bright color – you will look even fresher and a few years younger! And who did not want to return the time back? Feel the most attractive and stylish, please yourself, and you will undoubtedly become the happiest! After all, what do we girls need for happiness? Very little…

knitted knit and mittens knitting

This set is knitted from thick yarn, so you will not spend much time on it!
For knitting you need: a yarn of emerald color, which contains 100% acrylic, 164 meters in 100 grams, 3 skeins for cords and 1 for mittens, as well as straight knitting needles No. 4.5, No. 5.5, No. 6.5 and an additional needle for braids.
And so, we gain patience and start knitting ?! =))
Further description:
knitted LIC and mittens knitting description knitted LIC and mittens knitting description

We wish you more pleasant moments in life !!!

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