Gift Santa on a bottle of champagne

knitted santa on a bottle of champagneIf you are going to visit for the New Year, then surely you bring with you champagne. And in order that everything does not look so trite, there is a great idea how to decorate a bottle. Santa, who settled on the bottle, guaranteed fun and give a festive mood! And all the more so that you will not find such in stores exactly! Treat yourself and your people around, do not miss the opportunity to make a wonderful gift with your own hands!

Christmas Santa Claus with tum

knitted santa with tummyAnother version of knitted Santa. This one is already more in tune with the fairytale hero! He has a tummy, he is not tall and looks fun – well, just Santa, that is necessary! After all, the New Year is already approaching, and you still need to have time to cook a lot of surprises, for your loved ones, so this is a robot!




Crochet christmas santa claus

knitted santaKnitted Santa Claus will decorate your holiday home and give a Christmas mood! In the store now you can find many different toys, but the thing that is made with love – has a special value !!! Surprise your loved ones, because they, for sure, have not yet met such a wonderful fairy-tale character that you made yourself.