Christmas Santa Claus with tum

knitted santa with tummyAnother version of knitted Santa. This one is already more in tune with the fairytale hero! He has a tummy, he is not tall and looks fun – well, just Santa, that is necessary! After all, the New Year is already approaching, and you still need to have time to cook a lot of surprises, for your loved ones, so this is a robot!

For knitting you need: acrylic yarn – red, white, black, golden and flesh colors, as well as hook No. 2.5, needle and material for filling (synthetic winterizer).

Santa’s height is 30 centimeters.

Art. b \ n – column without nakida;
Pst.1 \ n – semi-column with 1 double crochet;
Bringing it out – knit together 2st. b \ n.

Further description:

description of knitted Santa description of knitted description of knitted Santa description of knitted Santa description of knitted Santa


Merry Christmas!!!

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