Men’s knitted pullover from the D & G collection

knitted men's pullover

Having seen this wonderful pullover from the D & amp; G collection, I just want to knit it. He is very stylish and just like your man. It well emphasizes the figure and has a V-shaped neckline. And due to sleep – it seems very warm and indispensable during cold winter days. If you wish, you can take it off, well, or not at all knit, but I think who will see it will fall in love, and will want to tie everything together.

knitted men's pulloverknitted men's pullover


Girls who have knitted this pullover are advised to purchase about 1-1.1 kg of yarn. It should not be fleecy, so that the pattern is well looked through. For example, you can take Lanogold yarn from Alize or Yarn Art Super Merino. Spokes take different, ranging from number 3 to number 5, depending on which yarn you take. But it is important and not to be mistaken in the choice of the needles, otherwise the pullover pattern will be stretched and not neat.

Before knitting, you can make patterns patterns, it will help to calculate the size and density of knitting.
Begin to knit from the bottom to the top. At the bottom, we knit a gum 2 by 2, after which we knit a roller from the purl rows in order to move from the gum to the main web.
There is a pattern for an example with 5 sizes that can help you,
Knitted Men's Pullover Pattern

In the existing skhem indicated facial rows, purl knit by drawing.

Along the edges of the back, front and sleeves, the usual iris pattern 2 is knitted on the front side into 2 side loops.
Wiring harness:
men's knitted pullover scheme
The harness pattern is given on 3 x 2, but you can knit in the usual way 3 x 3 (3 facial at work remove an additional knitting needle, and knit 3 loops with facial loops, return the loops removed and knit them with facial loops. With this, the harness will shift to right.

Diamond pattern:
Scheme of diamond man's pullover

The interlacing of 4 facial (2 facial loops at work is removed with an additional knitting needle, we knit with 2 facial loops, after 2 loops, which are removed.
The expansion of the rhombus matches the displacement of the 2 front loops to the left and to the right from the middle (we remove the 1 side of the back loop on the additional spokes to the right., We knit 2 front ones, and then the front 1 side is taken off from the wrong side. Follow the diagram below, because not always purl loop need to knit the front.
To shift the rhombus to the left – we remove the 2nd facial before working on the additional knitting needle, we knit the 1st reverse of the facial and remove the 2nd facial and provyazyvaem persons.
To narrow the diamond, you must do everything too, only in the reverse order.
The harness in the middle of the rhombus is knitted in the same way as the crossing of 4 facial ones in the first row.
Aranov scheme:
men's knitted pullover scheme
You can try to knit crosses through a row, and not in each face row (We knit an extra row according to the pattern with the front and back, without changes).
Weave out with the intersection of 5 loops, then left, then right.

We start the 2nd row with 2nd crosses to the right (3 loops, 2nd facial and 1st purl, remove the knitting needle at work, knit 2 facial ones and return the removed loops, knit them: 1st facial loop – 1 The second purl, the second facial – the facial, the third purl – the facial. Thus, the necessary loops are replaced in order to create a pattern (between the “paths” of the two faces. it must be 1-in the wrong.
This crossing can be done differently. 2nd persons. we remove for work on the 1st additional spokes., the 1st for the purl we remove before the work for the 2nd additional. knitting needles, knit 2 facial, 1st side with the 2nd additional knitting needles, 2nd facial with the 1st additional knitting needles.
5th row: we make 3 crosses to the left (2 persons. We remove before work on additional spokes. We knit 3 loops, the 1st with the wrong side and the 2nd facial (the 1st wear. – The face, the 2nd face. – face, third persons. – purl, return the removal of the loop and knit their faces.
One more way: 2s. we remove before work on the 1st add. knitting needles, we remove the 1st purl at work on the 2nd additional knitting needles, knit 2 persons, 1 well with the wrong side from the 2nd additional knitting needles, 2nd facial ones from the 1st additional knitting needles.
Snud knit using the same patterns, you can take smaller needles.

snud snud

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