Openwork knitted pullover

вязаный полувер

Very delicate and feminine sweater with a lace pattern on the back, which is like all the girls. And only a few who know how to knit – will be able to enjoy such beauty, because it is not an assembly line. And let the jealous girlfriend. Also pullover can be ordered master, which will link it for you. If you are interested in this offer – please contact us, we are happy to assist you.

Size: S / M
Knitting we need: 300 grams of yarn Lana Grossa “Bamboo” which included 100% viscose, the meter to 100 meters in 50 grams, as well as needles and №5 №5.5 and 1 short circular needles №5.
Knit openwork pattern consistent with this scheme.
Facial series represented on the scheme, and purl – knit excluding sc (see Key to the scheme) report series 1-8.
Density knit 22 rows of loops 16 – 10 on the front surface of 10 cm, 16 to 23, a number of -10 to 10 cm. №5.5 mm spokes. openwork pattern.

вязаный полувервязаный полуверсхема полувераBack: We collect 79 loops spoke №5 mm and knit 1 W cm gum front, 1 Wrong, change needles for №5.5 mm and an openwork pattern knit on average 7 loops shortened rows including the pattern with all parties in every other row 3 sts before until all the kinks are not involved in the work. Knit exactly as from the beginning of the length reaches 42 cm. Forming armholes following two rows knit closing early in the 3 loops, after 2 – 1 time, 1 st – 2 times in each 2 row and 1 to 4 times m = number of loops 63. Next knit smoothly from the beginning until the blade reaches 62 cm. OKATO shoulder close to the beginning of the next 8 rows by 5 sts, AT THE SAME TIME when the work will be equal to 64 cm from the beginning close 23 secondary loop to form the neck.
Before: We collect 77 loops on needle and knit №5 mm W 1 cm rubber front, 1 Wrong. Change needles na№5.5 mm and knit 29 cm front surface. Form the armhole: at the beginning of next 2 rows close 3 sts, then 2 – 1 times, with the same in every 2nd row 1 st 2 times, then every 4th – 1 = 61 times a loop. Thus knit fabric long 36 cm from the beginning. For the formation of V-neck put on a central hinge pin and knit each side separately, then each side diminish 1 st in each row, and so 4 times, then every 4th diminish 6 times. Knit fabric long 49 cm from the beginning. Shoulder ramps close on 5 sts in every 2nd row 4 times.
Sleeves: Recruit spokes №5 mm 40 loops and knit W cm band. Then change the spokes on №5.5 see again and knit the front surface, in every 10th row on each side of the loop add 1 – 3 times in every 8th row – 5 times = 56 sts. Knitting smoothly until the sleeve will not be equal to 38 cm from the start. To form a sleeve OKATO close in the next 2 rows 3 sts, 2 sts at beginning of next 2 rows, 1 st on each side every 2nd row – 2 times and 1 st in every 4th row – 6 times, in every 2nd row – 1 times, and then close the 2 sts at the beginning of next 2 rows, 3 loops at the beginning of next 2 rows = 18 sts. When the sleeve is equal to 5b cm from the beginning of the closing loops 18 are left.
Аssembly: Need to sew shoulder seams, place the loop with pins on circular needles №5mm and type 123 on the edge of the neck loop = 124 loops connecting the circle and continue to knit elastic 1×1 CRS, provyazyvaem central hinge pins from the front and in each circumferential row tog to do double 3 medium-sized loops (= shoot 2 loops as in vyvyazyvanii 2vmeste front, 1 persons toss shot loops on the front). Close the loop gum is sutured sleeves, join the seams of the sleeves and side seams.

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