Delicate Mohair Pullover

stylish mohair pulloverKnitted things with mohair have always been popular, and it is not at all strange, because they give tenderness, warmth and comfort. And this model is not an exception, because this pullover is very stylish, and immediately sink into the soul of the brightest fashionistas! The color also matches his needs – it is very bright and expressive, you just can not be left without attention!





For knitting you will need: 550 grams of Gedfra Soft Hair yarn, which contains 40% polyacryl, 30% mohair and 30% polyamide, 110 meters in 50 grams, Grun colors No. 4981, as well as needles No. 5 and No. 6.

Further description:
stylish mohair pullover description stylish mohair pullover scheme

Enjoy your knitting !!!

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