Fun winter dress

colorful warm knitting dressBright dress for a bright girl, which even in the winter cold and cold will not let you be sad! Everyone is used to wearing gray and not flashy things in the cold season – let’s change stereotypes! Down with boring and gloomy colors, we will always be bright! And let it not be summer outside the window – but it will be in our heart and soul!

For knitting you will need: LINIE 110 TIMONA yarn 200-250 grams of turquoise, 150-200 grams of purple, 150-200 grams of green, 150-200 grams of gasoline, 100-150 of orange, as well as needles No. 4.5, hook No. 4 and auxiliary needle.
Further description:

colorful warm knitting dress description colorful warm knitting dress description colorful warm dress knitting scheme colorful warm dress knitting scheme

Knit with pleasure !!!

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