Red dress of heart motifs masterclass

красное платье из сердецA great dress that will appeal to every girl. Bright, attractive and complex in execution. It naveet good mood even in the cloudy summer day. And the guys who see a beautiful girl in a bright dress with hearts – once you begin to fall in love!) Do not miss the opportunity to cheer up yourself and the people around him. Summer – a time of love …

Knitting in Online mode

Red dress of heart motifs masterclass


Here at last, and I had free time to implement this wonderful dresses) I dreamed about it for a long time … Description decided to do in the course of knitting, this, who has the desire – let’s knit together in a mode Online.
I took 400 grams of red yarn “YARNA VIOLETTA” 100% cotton, the meter to 280 meters in 50 grams, I think, should be sufficient.
пряжа ярна виолетта красного цветапряжа ярна виолетта красного цвета

In the photo the color turned out distorted, in life it is much juicier and brighter, but unfortunately at the moment at hand only the phone.
Scheme of the main motif for a long time walking around on the internet, but that it fits exactly to our dress, I redid it a little bit.

схема сердце крючком мотив

Hook I started to knit was under № 1.25, but linking 6 motifs and joining them together – I realized that razmerchik get too small, hip girth – quite oblibku. That’s why I decided to take the hook under № 1.6 for reasons that will be below the waist, thus making the extension to the bottom of the dress, that would be it was a figure. But more about that later, but for now let us knit motif itself under the scheme:

Recruit a chain of 9 stitches and closes it in the ring, and then recruit another 55 stitches, the last 9 as we close in the ring.


Next go up the chain up to 3 loops connecting columns (3 loops rise – this instead of the column with 1 sc) and knit in the ring 18 columns with sc (of Scheme 19). After starting the chain knitting – knit 22 column with sc, and in 23 and 24 of the chain loop knit 3 column with sc.

Next knit snovo column with 22 sc along the chain and 19 columns in the ring (after the last knit 19 column, attach it to the chain connecting a column). The next row starting from the rise of 3 loops connecting the bars along the chain, we develop a job and continue knitting: 2 air loop, 1 sc with a column, and so on. D. – Columns with sc do through one loop of the previous row. So dovyazyvaem 8 bars, and then continue to knit the same way, only through 2 loops of the previous row.
Dovyazav until mid – knit 6 stitches between the posts with sc, which, in this place we knit together in a loop of the previous row. Then again continue to knit columns with sc in 2 aerial loops and 2 loops of the previous row. Such columns knit 10 pieces, after which the columns were binding after 1 loop of the previous row (8 more columns). The last column rejoins the chain connecting column and start the next row even with 3 connecting columns rise.
Next knit columns with sc, as in the first row. In those cells, which are connected through a single column with sc of the previous row – knit 3 column and 1 between them (over a column of the previous row), and when cells begin that are linked through 2 loops of the previous row – begin to knit in 2 columns with sc and 1 column above a column of the previous row. Dovyazav until the middle (apex) of a heart – knit columns with 12 sc.
Dovyazyvaem this series mirror the way we started. Further rises again at 3 loops and start knitting the next row.
Knit it in the same way as the second, only the cells in which the column with 1 sc goes through the loop to knit until the second row will not start cells through 2 loops of the previous row – knit columns begin with sc through 2 loops. Dovyazav until mid – do 6 stitches, and finish line. In the 5th row knit 2 column with sc in each cell in the middle of doing 10 columns with sc and dovyazyvaem series until the end.
Next, the last row knit cells with the addition of pico. Pico – a 3 (in this case) air loop are connected in a ring connecting the first column of an air loop. Knit columns with 1 sc through the loop of the previous row, as well as in the 4th row, as long as the cells begin through 2 loops. And as if this is not the first motive, do not forget to attach motives to each other using pico. Doing it this way: column with sc, then 1 air loop scheme after 1 air loop for pico, then hooked connecting a column for a pico second motive again 1 air loop and stick the hook in the air loop 1, which tied for pico and connect coupling a column. Pico is ready. Then again 1 air loop scheme and again post with sc. In the diagram, I have noticed different colors pico, which is necessary to connect motives. Marked in yellow pico, for that will fit in a single, small, tune.
!!! It is also necessary to pay attention to what the motives are connected to the wrong side of !!!

And here is what bound at the moment. It is a pity, but the color is beautiful in life.

In girth in a circle dress should be 6 hearts. Here is a wiring diagram of motives:


As I was knitting circles – little tune between hearts:

Recruit a chain of 5 stitches and closes it in the ring. Next do 3 air lift loop and knit 23 column with a sc in the ring, only to be 24 column with sc. After that, start knitting the next row – 3 air lift loop, then 1 air loop for pico, cling on connecting a column for pico heart motif and back to 1 air loop. Next closable connecting pico column of air in the first loop and knit column with sc in one loop of the previous row. Total should be 12 connections using pico, 3 to each heart motif.


Here’s what happened:


The process of knitting “heart dress” is nearing zaversheniyu.Ostalos quite a bit. That’s what has been so far:


You’re just a few dovyazat motives and tighten the strings, and after it is already possible to try =))
Photos from the vicinity in the process of knitting the sleeves. And I all edges banded pico adding beads.

krasnoe_plate_iz_serdechnykh_motivov_master_klass030 krasnoe_plate_iz_serdechnykh_motivov_master_klass031 krasnoe_plate_iz_serdechnykh_motivov_master_klass032 krasnoe_plate_iz_serdechnykh_motivov_master_klass033

Well, that’s up to jibe “Heart dress.” So it sits on me)

Waiting for the response of the photo – I want to look at your avatar! =)

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Video with English captions. Leaves sweater with sleeves – review
Video with English captions. Svetr from the leaves on the sleeves – Meister class (part 1)

My site with some translation into English


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20 thoughts on “Red dress of heart motifs masterclass

  1. Мастер-класс по вязанию мотива готов, вяжите с удовольствием!) Дальше будем продолжать, по ходу вязания, соединять мотивы в платье.

    • Ну а по другому их и не соединишь никак, не будете же вы пришивать каждое пико отдельно друг к другу? Если присмотреться к фотографиям платья, то можно увидеть, что именно таким образом и соединены сердечки.
      Это если с близка присматриваться только, то может и не очень красиво показаться, а как общая картинка, на мой взгляд, вполне нормально и красиво получиться. Этот способ соединения мотивов довольно распространён на практике,и в интернете есть много примеров.
      А у вас нет фото, хотелось бы посмотреть как у Вас получается? Может быть похвастаетесь нам? =))

  2. Я связала только низ, сверху будет кокетка из сердец, а все остальное буду вязать столбиками с накидом. Вяжу дочери, ей 10 лет, она с подкладом носить не хочет. А как добавить фото?

    • Интересная идея!) Если Вы зарегистрированы ВК, то можете оставить комментарий из контакта, там можно добавлять фото, если нет – то можете оставить ссылку на фото. Было бы очень интересно посмотреть!)
      PS: к сожалению, пока, нет возможности добавлять фото в коментарии, если писать его не через В контакте.

  3. Что случилось с мастер классом? Его не видно, только комментарии ???пожалуйста верните))) платье на пол пути)))

    Red dress of heart motifs masterclass

  4. Здравствуйте!
    Вяжу по вашему МК платье. Осталось 6 сердечек связать. Дошла до мотивов для рукавов и столкнулась с проблемой: никак не могу сообразить, как соединять их между собой. Расскажите, пожалуйста!

    Red dress of heart motifs masterclass

  5. Здравствуйте! Подскажите, пожалуйста, как соединять мотивы для рукавов. Платье почти готово.

    Red dress of heart motifs masterclass

  6. Всем привет, очень понравилось красное платьице, просто влюбилась. Предлагаю посмотреть мой вариант исполнения

    Red dress of heart motifs masterclass

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