Set of hats for mom and baby master class

knitted hatsCute set of hats for mom and baby. Warm you and your baby. The white color of the caps gives them tenderness, warmth and comfort. And, the fact that they are connected with love is noticeable at first sight!


knitted hatsFor knitting hats you need: yarn 50% wool, 50% acrylic, straight knitting needles No. 3.5 and No. 4.5, an additional knitting needle for knitting braid, as well as a hook No. 4.

We start knitting from a hat without ears:
Take the needles number 3.5 and dial 72 loops. We begin to knit with a rubber band 1 on 1 (1 front, 1 purl) 11 rows.
knitted hats
The main pattern:
Go to the spokes number 4.5 and knit on the scheme:
knitted caps scheme
rows No. 1, 3, 5 – edge knitting according to scheme No. 1 to the last edge loop;
Row number 2, 4, 6 – knit by drawing.
Thus, we knit 28 rows according to the scheme No. 1.
knitted hats
After knitting 28 rows, we begin to reduce the loop:
Row number 29 – edge, * 3 together the front, extreme (1st and 3rd) under the central (2nd); 4 facial *, repeat from * to * up to 4 loops, 3 facial together, extreme knit under the central edge;
row number 30 knit by the scheme;
row number 31 – edge, 3 together front, extreme under central, 1 front, * 3 together front, extreme under central, 2 front *, repeat from * to * up to 4 loops, 3 front, edge;
row number 32 knit according to the scheme;
row number 33 – edge, 1 front, * 3 together front, extreme under the central *, repeat from * to * up to 3 loops, 2 front, edge;
Row number 34 knit by the scheme.
knitted hats
Finish knitting:
We connect all the loops and crochet on the edge loops.
knitted hats
Sew on pompon.

Cap with ears for a 7-month-old baby:
Knit the cap from the beginning without the ears, just like the previous one, only change the number of loops:
we type 58, we knit with an elastic band 1 on 1 7 rows, then a pattern 22 rows according to scheme No. 1.
For knitting ears use needles number 3.5. You must dial at the bottom of the caps 12
knitted hats
loops and knit under the scheme number 2:
knitted caps scheme
row number 1 – edging, 1 purl, 2 facial, 4 purl, 2 facial, 1 purl, edging;
rows number 2 – 8 – knit on the scheme number 2;
Row number 9 – edge, 2 together purl, to the last loop, edge;
row number 10 – edging, 2 facial together, 1 facial, 2 facial together, edging;
row number 11 – edging, 2 together purl, 1 purl, edging;
row number 12 – edging, 2 facial together, edging;
Row number 13 – edge, 1 purl, edge.
knitted hats
Ties knit in the form of a cord:
Row number 14 – edge, 1 English loop, edge;
row number 15 – edging, 1 purl, edging.
Thus knit to the desired length.
knitted hats
We sew pompons.
knitted hats

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