Stylish cap for your offspring

children's knitted capIf you want, what would your baby look fashionable and stylish is already at an early age - then tie him this hat! Its bright color will not miss any of your or your child of, a yarn made from 100% wool - warm and will not freeze.

children's knitted cap children's knitted cap children's knitted cap children's knitted cap

need for knitting: 1-2 skeins of blue or yellow in color, which included 100% wool, the meter 201 meter to 100 grams, as well as bilateral or circular needles №4 and №4.5, additional borehole for braids, petlederzhatel or Auxiliary thread , tag markers, tapestry needle and apparatus for making pompoms.
Further description of:

shapochka_dlya _malchika_opisanie1 shapochka_dlya _malchika_opisanie2 shapochka_dlya _malchika_opisanie3 shapochka_dlya _malchika_opisanie4 shapochka_dlya _malchika_opisanie5

Give love to their loved ones !!!

Marie Saturday November 23rd, 2013

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