Owl Socks by Julie Elswick Suchomel

socks with owlsOwlie’s charming socks will look very gently on your legs. And the original drawing with owls makes it clear that they are not just connected, but have a deep meaning. Owl – a symbol of wisdom. And this means that these socks will not only warm the legs, but also make it wiser.

For knitting you need: Approximately 370 meters of yarn, consisting of 75% supervosh merino and 25% nylon, also needles No. 2.75 and circular No. 2.5, thin hook, markers of the mark (if needed), an additional knitting needle for knitting braids and 80 pcs. beads for decorating the eyes of an owl, with a diameter of 3.3 mm.
Further description:

socks with owls description socks with owls description

Pattern knitting patterns for size S, M, L:

socks with owls description socks with owls description socks with owls description

Have a nice knitting !!!

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