Knitted leggings

knitted leggingsWarm leggings can be worn at any time of the year. They can be worn on boots in the winter, or just on the feet under sneakers, sneakers or ballet flats, during the warmer time of the year. They will always attract the attention of people around you. With the help of gaiters, you will stand out from the crowd and, finally, just warm your legs.

Dimensions: Length 68.5 cm. Hip circumference 45.5 cm.
You will need: 3 skeins (40 g – 140 m) acrylic wool, color №99 Fisherman Wool –
Ease Chunky from Lion Brand; circular needles number 5.5 mm. 30.5 cm long; Aid knitting needles for braids, markers (markers) of loops.
Density: 16 p * 18 p = 10 * 10 cm on the needles No. 5,5 cm patterned in the gum.
Eraser of braids (14 n):
Circular rows 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7: * 12 faces. 2 out. repeat from * to the end of the circle row.
Circular row 3: * 6 and cross to the right (3 p. we remove at work, 3 persons., 3 removed people are tied up), 6 p. we cross over to the left (3 p. we remove before work, 3 persons. , 3 shot provyazyvaem persons). 2 out. repeat from * to the end of the circle row.
Circular row 8: * 12 faces. 2 out. repeat from * to the end of the circle row. Repeat rows from 1st to 8th.
Job Description:
Complete 2 parts.
We type 44 p, mark the end of the row with a marker, close the knitting into a circle, without twisting the loops.
Knit gum 2 persons. 2 out. 5 cm
Next roundabout row: 2 in. Persons, 20 persons, 2 vm persons, knit to the end of a circular series = 42 p.
Trace circular row: knit 3 times the circular row of 1 elastic braid. We continue to work on the scheme of elastic from braids. 45.5 cm until connected
Next round track (increasing): * 12 faces, 1 res, approx. 1 p. Of broach between the loops (we twist it so that there is no hole), 1 w. repeat from * to the end of the circular row = 45 p. Continue to work according to the scheme and add 3 more times = 54 p. to each purl section of every second circular row until we knit 58.5 cm in height.
Next circle row (decreasing): 2 knit people. 25 p. According to the drawing, 2 we knit the faces, according to the drawing to the end of the circular row = 52 p.
Knit a rubber band 2 persons, 2 out. 12 cm
Hinges close.
knitted leggings scheme

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