Green knitted hat with a scarf

knitted set hat and scarfWarm hat and scarf, which will not take much time to tie them. A set of knitting needles and thick yarns knit, the pattern also does not take much work, so you can knit it very quickly. This set will definitely appeal to those who do not like to knit long and monotonously, and even the most restless knitter will finish it.




For knitting you need: GIPSY green yarn No. K 442, 2 skeins, 100 grams each, or any other one with 50% wool and 50% acrylic.
Recruit needles 46 loops. We knit 2 rows of garter stitch, then 4 rows of elastic 1 for 1 (1 person., 1 wear). Evenly lowering 4 loops (we get 42), knit 3 rows of garter stitch. Continuing knitting on the 38th loops, we knit 4 rows with a 1 by 1 elastic band. Then we knit another 6 rows of garter knitting, in each case, reducing the required number of loops:
1 row – 4 loops;
2nd row – 6 loops;
3rd row – 6 loops;
4 row – 4 loops;
finish in row 5.
We collect 67 loops on the spokes and knit 12 rows with garter stitch. Evenly reduce the loop to the 44th and continue to knit with an elastic band 1 to 1 more 8 centimeters. sew the parts from top to bottom, the width of your shoulders.

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