Beige knitted hat and scarf

beige hat and scarfVery fashionable and stylish set of hats and scarf, which was published in the famous foreign magazine for knitting. Gentle, beige color attracts, and interlaced braids – fascinate. And any girl, seeing the photo, just want to replenish your wardrobe with such stylish things.

For knitting you need: GIPSY yarn, beige color No. К 883 4 of a skein, 100 grams each, containing 50% acrylic and 50% wool.
SpokesNo. 6, knit in one thread.
We collect 30 loops and knit 1 meter with an elastic band 2 face, 1 purl.
For a loop on a scarf, knit 2 rows with crocheted crochets with 1 double crochet.
beige scarf

We collect 86 loops and knit 6 centimeters with an elastic band 2 facial, 1 purl. Next, we knit 3 times with a triple braid, knit 11 purl loops between the braids. After the last crossing we continue knitting with purl. Having knitted 14 rows with a purl in each row, we close 1 loop in every 5 loops.
beige hat spit diagram

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