Openwork mesh with knitting needles – a simple pattern with holes.

openwork knitting pattern

In this video I will show you how to knit a simple openwork pattern with holes, and at the same time chic and very beautiful!

It fits quite simply and easily – but it looks luxurious! It can be used for summer clothes – T-shirts, blouses. And also for sweaters or light cardigans, snoods, scarves, stoles.

1-2 Rows: installation, front and purl;
3rd row: chrome. pet. * 1 person., Yarn, 1 loop to remove not knitted and at the same time to unfold, 2 loops of persons., Throw in non-knitted. loops. 2 facial *
4 row: all loops. out.
5 row: chrome. pet. * Remove 1 loop not knitted and at the same time unfold, 2 face loops., Throw in nep. loops. on 2 front, yarn, 1 front. * chrome. pet.
6 row: all loops. out.


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