Mitten for lovers with a deer

Вязаная спицами и крючком варежкаIf you do not know what to give its second half in anticipation of winter, we offer a great option – mitten for lovers. It will symbolize your love, as well as the freeze will not give your pens, if you want, walking together with your loved one, to feel his hand. Warm and beautiful – never give leave, even in the coldest weather, with someone who is very dear to you. And if you associate it with his own, then it will bring even more heat, because is made with love!

Knitting need: 50 grams of white yarn, the remnants of brown, pink and black, which included 50% wool and 50% acrylic, the meter to 250 meters per 100 grams. And also hook №2, hosiery needles №2, eyes and 1 bell.

Getting a robot:

Warning! Will knit thread in two additions.

At the 4-spoke white thread recruit 44 loops and 11 loops on each needle, knit elastic band 1 to 1 (1 alternately front and 1 Wrong loop) 6 centimeters. Then debug loop side. Similarly, the second knit gum. To the loop of the first loop of the second add gum gum and knit one stitch cloth front 12 cm. Then begin to diminish the loop on both sides, while the spokes will not remain 4 loops. Contractible loop remaining working thread, cut the thread and fasten.
varezhka_dlya_vlyublyennykh_s_olenem_skhema1 varezhka_dlya_vlyublyennykh_s_olenem_skhema2

Further, according to the scheme of brown thread knit muzzle deer 1 binds near the bars without nakida. After, knit horns, ears, nose, paws schemes. All items to sew mittens, embroider mouth sew bell as in the photo. Mitten ready!)

Often giving warmth to your loved ones!)

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