Knitted set of hats, mittens and LIC – “Lilac”

вязаный комплект сиреньThis cute kit with braids I was knitting melange of half-woolen yarn. It is designed for the winter season and will warm you even in severe frosts. Especially for this I knitted cap in two strands. A LIC warm due to their large bulk and braids. Mitten, a large middle oblique complement the image.


For knitting you will need: about 500 grams of yarn Alize Lanagold, melange lilac tones №1739, the meter 240 meters per 100 grams, as well as hosiery needles №4 and №5, additional borehole for braids, hook, pin, fixing agents for pom-pom or button with two large holes and fur pompom drawstring.


Size Caps: volume of head - 54-58 centimeters.
LIC Size: in one rotation, the length of 50-60 centimeters.

Getting a robot:


вязаная шапка с косами

! ! ! Note ! ! ! Beanie knit in two strands.
So it will be much warmer, and will soon, if you are, of course, knitting is not too tight, otherwise it can make the robot. And I tried to pick up two skeins of yarn so that the colors match. I got exactly the way I think about it - the darker shades in the bottom of the cap, and the light at the top.

We collect 96 loops on hosiery needles №4, and the campaign of knitting the first row of gum 2 2 (2 alternate facial, purl 2), distribute them evenly on 4 needles, each for 24 loops. Knit elastic about 5 centimeters.
The next series begin to knit hosiery needles №5, gradually replacing needles №4. In this series, we have to add 48 loops evenly, that is, on each spoke 12 loops, and that means that we do gain every two loops of the previous row. I did gain from pulling between the loops. As a result, we obtain the 144 loop or loops 36 at each spoke. Then we continue to knit (hosiery needles №5) facial hinge 4 more rows, and then move on to the knitting pattern.
So, take extra needle, shoot at her 4 loops and reserve work, then provyazyvaem 4 loops with needles basic facial, then provyazyvaem 4 loops with extra spokes, also facial, and then 4 more with the main loop facial needles. So we have prepared one report of a pattern, which consists of 12 loops. We continue knitting so until the end of the series, all reports should get 12 - 3 on each spoke.
The following 5 rows knit facial loops easy.
Next we revert to the pattern - the first 4 provyazyvaem loops facial, then the following 4 shooting loops for additional needle and leave before work provyazyvaem 4 loops facial to the main spokes, then - 4 loops with extra spokes. Knit until the end of the series. Once - over 5 rows facial. So alternate crossing every 5 rows facial, ie every 6 row.
Total 5 Perekrestov do, and on the second start subtraction.
From gum to the subtraction place I got about 11-12 centimeters.
And so, we begin a series of:
4 loops facial, then remove the 4 sts on needle before additional work, then we need to knit loops with 4 main spokes, the first two of which provyazyvaem together and get the 3 loops. Then provyazyvaem as the first two loops with extra spokes, and dovyazav others - all also get 3 loops. And so we are in the first report has lowered 2 loops, so knit to end of row - already get 30 loops on each spoke. After snovo 5 rows facial and goes decrease following:
remove the 4 sts on needle and leave more of the work, then knit 3 loops with base spokes, then the first two loops with extra spokes provyazyvaem together, and the remaining two loops one by one, and then the 3 loops from the main spokes. The report is ready. Continue until the end of a number, in this series we has lowered 12 more loops - we get on each spoke 27 loops.
Next provyazyvaem series 1-2 loops facial, then begin subtraction in each row:
- 4 loops facial, 2 loops together facial, 3 facial loop - a report ready, continue until the end of the series (get 24 loops);
- 3 loops facial, 2 loops together facial, 3 facial loop, continue to the end - get the noose around the spoke 21:
- 2 loops facial, 2 together facial, 3 facial, so until the end of a series - is 18 loops on each spoke;
And so the spoke is 6 loops for one report (report of 3 on one spoke), make one more interlacing:
remove three additional loops on needle, provyazyvaem two loops together with a facial main spokes, and one face, then two more, along with facial needles and one face, and so on until the end of the series, each report. It remains on each spoke 12 by hinges. We continue subtraction in each row:
- 2 loops together, 2 facial loops, so until the end of a series - is 9 loops on each spoke;
- 2 loops together, one face, and continue to the end - is 6 loops on each spoke. Cut the thread, leaving 10 centimeters through the rest of the loop with a hook stretch and tighten the thread, hide in the midst of the cap. Cling to fur pompom, you can use a button on the inside or just such a little thing as I have to keep the strings.


!!! Knit one thread !!!

On hosiery needles number 4, we collect 40 loops, in the course of knitting the first row, two by two rubber bands, distribute the loop on 4 needles. Knit 20 rows gum. Then proceed to the basic knitting pattern. For this, we add the first two spokes 10 evenly loops (each loop needle 5 between the loops from pulling).

!!! Attention !!! Then we continue to knit on three needles, for the convenience of the implementation of the pattern. Loops with the first two spokes join one loop 30 and obtain a first spoke and 10 on the other two.
2nd row: 3 loops purl, 24 facial, 3 purl and 20 facial;
3rd row: all facial hinge;
4th sequence: as well as 2 minutes;
5th row: all facial hinge;
6th row: (begin to make binding) 3 purl loops 8 loops to remove extra needle at work, 8 loops facial, facial hinge further 8 with extra spokes, 8 loops facial mainstream, 3 purl loop;
7th row: all facial hinge;
Cooperate for 8-11: repeat as well as 2 to 5;
12 series: (cover with the other hand) 3 purl loops 8 loops facial, 8 loops shoot for additional spoke before work, then knit 8 loops facial to the main spoke after 8 loops with extra - facial, 3 purl loops, and the remaining 20 -litsevymi.
Then we continue knitting alternating bindings in every second row.

!!! The left-hand mitten knit mirror right, that is, start with binders such as 12 series, and then in 6, and then alternate !!!

After 7 centimeters from the beginning of the main pattern, we need to make a recess for the thumb. Knit the first 30 loops on the drawing, and then, on the second spokes form a cut-out:
3 facial loop, then remove 5 loops on a pin or thread of contrasting color on the needle recruit 5 loops and dovyazyvaem number until the end.

As the web closes the little finger - begin subtraction:
Reticle after the last 2 rows knit facial loops.
- Knit the next row on the two end loops together (get 25 loops);
- Further series of facial loops;
- Back on the two loops together, one loop remaining provyazyvaem just the front (get 13 loops);
- A series of facial;
- On the two loops together, cut the thread and stretch it through the remaining loops 7, pulls together and hide the thread into the middle of mittens.

To recruit the thumb on the needle removed 5 loops on a pin, plus 11 more loops on all sides of the cut (5 on the opposite side and 3 on the sides of the loop). Total get 16 loops.
Knit 19 rows facial loops, and then a series of two loops together (get 8 loops), a series of in-law face, and once again on the two loops. After remaining 4 loops stretch yarn, hide all the tails and finish the robot.

The left-hand mitten knit mirror right cutout for the thumb to form a 3-spoke design.


снуд спицами с большими косами

!!! Knit one thread !!!
On the spokes number 5128 loops. The LIC will use all the same braid, only one report we will have 30 loops, and a total of 4 + 2 edge braids and 3 on the sides of garter stitch.
The first two rows provyazyvaem as the 2nd and 3rd rows, then we start with the first.
And so, first row: bead, 2 facial, 10 sts on needle for extra work, provyazyvaem 10 loops with basic, then more, and 10 loops back to the main -first report is ready. So repeat 3 more, and then again 3 face and a distal edge.
2nd row: turn over the work, 1 bead, 3 facial, 120 backstitches, 3 facial, one bead;
3rd row: 1 bead, all face, the last bead;
4th row: as the second;
5th row: the third;
6th row: as the second;
7th row: 1 bead, 3 + 10 facial facial report, 10 per additional spoke before work, 10 with the main facial, facial with an additional 10. So repeat 3 more report, 3 facial and a distal edge;
8 - 12th ranks: a repeat of the second to sixth;
Then we start from the first row.
LIC length in one turn should be about 50 - 60 centimeters - I 55.
Closing the loop, adjusting to the drawing, and then sew the beginning and end.

Well, if you do not know how to knit, but would like to have a set of "lilac" in her wardrobe - that go into our store or contact us in the social. networks:
Our masters will link it for you, efficiently and with love!


Marie Sunday December 6th, 2015

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