Christmas tree toy “Santa Claus”

Knitted toy Santa's deerA great idea – to make toys on the Christmas tree with your own hands, because the New Year is coming, and we so want to get into the fairy tale! But we must not forget that we have long been no longer children, and who, if not ourselves, will arrange a fairy tale for our loved ones. This “Santa’s deer” – will be a wonderful component for the New Year holidays!

For knitting you need: yarn “Iris”, which includes 100% cotton of white and red colors, hook No. 1.5, as well as 4 large red beads and 2 small blue ones for eyes.
Further description:
knitted toy Santa's deer description

Fair holidays to you !!!

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  1. Обезьяна любит всё яркое и блестящее, поэтому хорошо бы повесить на ёлку шары, игрушки, конфеты в блестящих обёртках, самодельные игрушки.

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