Hat and Lens for men

Knitted set for a man from a hat and a knitting needleEven a simple knitter will be able to knit a cap from a simple elastic band and a snood with original bundles! Although this set contains no complicated patterns at all, it looks stylish and fashionable! Please your beloved with new items in the wardrobe, he will be pleasantly surprised, you can not even doubt !!!

This set knits from thick yarn, so you will knit it quickly!
For knitting you need: gray yarn, which contains 70% acrylic and 30% wool, 55 meters in 50 grams, as well as knitting needles No. 7.
Further description:

Knitted set for a man from a hat and a knitting needle description Knitted set for a man from a hat and a knitting knitting needle description

More often please your favorite men !!!

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3 thoughts on “Hat and Lens for men

  1. Круто! подобная идея у меня тоже возникала, прочитал статью прям как свои мысли, спасибо автору.

  2. Akiva Девочки у вас у всех золотые ручки, такую красоту вывязываете. я в основном дочке вяжу. вот последняя шапочка, недавно закончила. получилось так себе, но для разнообразия пойдет, не все же ей в цветочках ходить

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