Set of hats and jacquard sweaters

knitted sweater and hatJacquards are always associated with warmth and comfort, they are always in fashion. There will be no exception and this man’s set of sweaters and hats. Stylish and fashionable – it is made in pastel colors from 100% wool, so your favorite will not freeze in it for sure. Show all your love and tenderness, to your loved one, in the embodiment of these warm little things! Believe me – he will be grateful to you, and will definitely appreciate your efforts.

For knitting you will need: a light beige yarn, comprising 100% wool, with a meter size of 80 meters in 50 grams – 450-600 grams, and 350-450 grams of dark gray color, as well as circular needles No. 5 with perlon cable length 40 and 80 centimeters.
Further description:

knitted sweater and hat description knitted sweater and hat description knitted sweater and hat description

Give warmth to your loved ones !!!

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