Gentle and Romantic Scarf – LIC

Scarf Loose
This exquisite dream is made in pastel colors that betray him of tenderness and romance. Its main part is connected with knitting needles, and a crochet hook is used for knitting lace.

Scarf Loose Here is a diagram of the main part of the bed, which is knitted with needles:
sleep circuit

Dial the loop can be another thread, so that when dovyazhite scarf open the loop and sew knitted seam edges. But you can knit and immediately working thread, that everyone decides for himself.
Scarf LooseThat such a scarf should turn out, even without lace strapping. In this photo you can see that the braid does not go in the center of the scarf, but you can do as you like. It should also be noted that the edge of the scarf is ribbed, this is due to the fact that at the end of the row the edge loop does not fit in the wrong direction, but in the front loop.
Next, we knit the lace part of the lace, crochet around the edge of the scarf according to this pattern:
openwork sleep circuit

With the help of just one look at this dream, we feel a huge flight of fantasy. We ourselves can change the scheme, choose any, which we like, and we get our own, unique scarf-LIC. Here are some more options for strapping the openwork part of the lock:
openwork sleep circuitopenwork sleep circuitopenwork sleep circuit
openwork sleep circuitGentle and Romantic Scarf - LICopenwork

Unleash your fantasies, and you will have a great dream!

шарф снудScarf Loose

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