White fluffy booties for the newborn

booties for a newbornIf you are invited to the christening, then these fluffy booties will be an excellent gift. I really wanted to tie something tender and not sticky, and that was how such warm and lovely topics came out.



But the way I knit them from BABY 100% pes, which are intended only for knitting needles, it was difficult to crochet, and all the schemes I found did not fit, since the thread in the knit is thick. That’s why I sketched my schechics. We start knitting from the bottom:
booties schemebooties schemeI crocheted number 3.5
It is advisable to mark with other threads those loops in which you should knit several columns, because when knitting with fluffy threads, the previous row is very poorly visible.
When you finished the sole, we knit according to the following scheme, where the first row (in the diagram it is the 3rd) we knit by clinging to the inner loop, the remaining rows – clinging to both.

booties scheme At the end of knitting all 6 rows (in a place with a sole) which are marked on the scheme, we knit 1 row of crochets in a circle. Then we take the strings thinner, for the openwork part, and we knit according to the following scheme, clinging to the inner loop.

booties scheme

After we tie another row with fluffy threads with crochets, clinging to the outer loop of the previous fluffy row.
It remains the case for small, knit flower scheme:flower schemeI sewed a flower with ordinary sewing thread, which I put on white beads.
Well, in principle, and everything, ask questions, if that is not clear, and do not forget to leave comments !!!=))booties for a newborn

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