Shaggy suit “Bear Umka”

knitted suit for a childWarm knitted suit for your baby. It can be used both for holidays and in everyday life. And the child will be happy to wear it, knowing that it was taken care of by his beloved mom. Make it pleasant to yourself and your child!





knitted suit for a child knitted suit for a child

To make it, you will need: 500 grams of yarn “grass” nisan yumos in white, which contains 100% polyester, measuring 180 meters in 100 grams; lanoso GATO is white in color, containing 100% acrylic, with a meter size of 250 meters in 100 grams; a bit of black yarn. As well as 5 spokes, or circular needles number 2 and number 3; hook number 3; buttons of diameters of 15 millimeters – 5 pieces.

knitted suit for a child knitted suit for a child

Further description:

knitted baby suit description knitted baby suit description

We wish that knitting was always a pleasure !!!

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