Gift Santa on a bottle of champagne

knitted Santa on a bottle of champagneЕIf you are going to visit in the New Year, it certainly takes with him champagne. And in order that all would not look so obvious, there are a great idea to decorate the bottle. Santa, who settled on the bottle is guaranteed to have fun and give the festive mood! And furthermore, that the stores you will not find this exact! Treat yourself and your people, do not miss the opportunity to make a wonderful gift with their own hands!

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Mini mittens and hats on the tree

knitted toys on the Christmas tree

Christmas tree decorations in the form of hats and mittens - cool and very unusual idea! This is so in the winter and give comfort in your home. And if you connect them the size of a little more, then later they can be used as a odezhku for dolls and toys. If you want to make your tree the most unusual and unique, then this idea is for you!

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New children’s slippers

homemade knitted slippers New ChildrenPerfect present for Christmas for your baby! The room is always needed, and if they also are festive and unusual, then this is exactly what you want. Children do not always like to wear house shoes, but from this, they just will not give up! In addition, more and be proud of the fact that their own beloved mother did!

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