Knitted Bactus My Rock N Roll – Knitting Needle Workshop

вязаный бактус спицами

This bactus is associated in addition to a hat with the same name, “My Rock and Roll.” Bactus used handkerchief and facial smoothness. On one edge are the cloves. I knitted them in two ways. Therefore, two bactus are separated from each other. More about this, I tell and show in the video.

Knitted top with knitting needles

вязаный топ

Knitted summer tops, recently, are becoming more popular. And it’s not about the hook, but about the knitting needles. Normal facial surface – looks very beautiful from summer yarn. So I decided to knit a fitted top-shirt. A little “highlight” were the nodules on the front straps. It seems to be nothing unusual – but it looks much more interesting. I invite you to knit such for yourself, in my description.

The program for knitting schematus

The program for knitting schematus

I suggest you download a program that will help you with your favorite business, knitting.
Scheme-tracker – a program that allows you to select or highlight on the scheme for knitting the current row of the next or previous one. When you knit a row, click the down arrow and see the next row.

Reviews of yarn Rock N Roll from Gazzal


There are already a lot of reviews of this yarn on the Internet. And all the reviews are quite different. Someone like Rock-N-Roll from Gazzal likes it because of its brilliance and beauty, while others criticize it for its unnatural composition. I decided to weigh all the pros and cons and draw my own conclusions.

Вязаная шапка My Rock N Roll – Мастер класс спицами

вязаная шапка

Эта шапка сразит наповал своим блеском! Особенно он заметен когда ярко светит солнце. Весной ведь можно и поблистать!) И в то же время – стильная рваная модель. Вещи в таком стиле уже прозвали “Лакшери рвань” или “Хипстерские дырки”.

Author’s knitted sweater Spring prank – Master Class

sviter spitsami

The sweater turned out very gentle and at the same time a little crazy – due to its unusual bottom and careless holes in the canvas. On one side of the sweater there is a braid, which is wide at the bottom, and tapers towards the top. It was she who brings the spring mood. I invite everyone to tie such a sweater to yourself with the help of this detailed video of the master class.

Volumetric cap with curlicues (braids) – master class

knitting hat

This super volumetric cap with curlicues (braids) is knitted with needles. I really liked this pattern, and I decided to try it in a hat – I was pleased with the result! If you want the same for yourself, then join, and knit it with me on a detailed video master class!

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