Crocheted green skirt

crochet knit skirtA tempting skirt idea was published in a knitting magazine. It is crocheted, and not at all a complicated pattern. You can safely wear such a skirt even in the cold season, and are not afraid to freeze, because if you take the yarn with the addition of wool, it will turn out to be very warm.



Owl Socks by Julie Elswick Suchomel

socks with owlsOwlie’s charming socks will look very gently on your legs. And the original drawing with owls makes it clear that they are not just connected, but have a deep meaning. Owl – a symbol of wisdom. And this means that these socks will not only warm the legs, but also make it wiser.

Why you should not sell your work for pennies?

knitted swimsuitI love to knit, and lately I have been paying more and more attention to my favorite activity. But I want it so that it would bear fruit, because everyone dreams of a job that will be a pleasure, so why can’t I combine business with pleasure?

Bright red pullover

bright red pulloverAn impressive sports pullover will not disregard anyone. Saturated red color will give brightness and freshness to your image. And in addition to the Irish patterns and the classic high-stand-up collar, make you feel like a queen. Also, the image can be supplemented with accessories that only emphasize the harmony of your figure. Shorts and a golden cord belt are suitable for him.



Knitted mittens with owls

mittens with owlsIf you wanted to tie yourself mittens, but all the schemes that you found are already removed, then these mittens are for you! Very interesting and unusual, this is exactly what you were looking for. Sova is a symbol of wisdom, and in ancient Greece it was an attribute of the goddess of wisdom Athena. Do not miss the opportunity to feel like a goddess!))


Knitted beige pullover with Aran

knitted pullover with AranA warm knitted pullover is suitable for both everyday and festive look. It differs from a regular sweater with its interesting patterns that will set you apart from the crowd. After all, only girls – needlewomen will be able to boast of such a sweater, you can not buy this in a store, that’s for sure! With this pullover, you can emphasize your individuality.

Dress in the floor of the motives

платье в пол A stunning, elegant summer dress crocheted from motifs. It looks very tender and reminds of lace at the expense of thin threads. It can be supplemented with accessories, and then you will definitely look irresistible. Wearing it, you just can not avoid the amazed looks of others.




Set of hats for mom and baby master class

knitted hatsCute set of hats for mom and baby. Warm you and your baby. The white color of the caps gives them tenderness, warmth and comfort. And, the fact that they are connected with love is noticeable at first sight!


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