Crochet knit set

knitted linenFirst of all, knitted underwear is very unusual! And besides, it contains notes of romance, sexuality and beauty. The young man, having seen you in him, will fall in love again, and the girlfriends just acquire, because you cannot buy this in a regular store, and not everyone can afford a hand-held robot. But we have the opportunity to do it with our own hands, and so we proceed!

Summer yellow crochet dress

yellow knitted dressThis, at first glance, simple dress looks very impressive. You see it, and you immediately remember the summer, the sun, the sea, the beach … Oh, how I want to return to those warm and sunny days. You walk along the seashore, and there are stunning views around you, because this dress is one of those that everyone will pay attention to. Well, since this summer we didn’t manage to realize this little dream, we’ll definitely have time before the next one! And most importantly, knitting it is not at all difficult and it will not take a lot of your time.

Men’s knitted pullover from the D & G collection

knitted men's pullover

Having seen this wonderful pullover from the D & amp; G collection, I just want to knit it. He is very stylish and just like your man. It well emphasizes the figure and has a V-shaped neckline. And due to sleep – it seems very warm and indispensable during cold winter days. If you wish, you can take it off, well, or not at all knit, but I think who will see it will fall in love, and will want to tie everything together.

Openwork knitted pullover

вязаный полувер

Very delicate and feminine sweater with a lace pattern on the back, which is like all the girls. And only a few who know how to knit – will be able to enjoy such beauty, because it is not an assembly line. And let the jealous girlfriend. Also pullover can be ordered master, which will link it for you. If you are interested in this offer – please contact us, we are happy to assist you.

Scarf with fringe and plait

  • вязаный шарф с косамиThis spectacular and intricate scarf, lavishly decorated with fringe and a pigtail, you bind with passion and will wear with pleasure. He is suitable as a gentle and romantic image, and for everyday wear. Also scarf can be ordered master, which will link it for you. If you are interested in this offer – please contact us, we are happy to assist you.

Crochet crochet dress by Lilly Sarti

Crochet crochet dress by Lilly Sarti

Schemes and descriptions are created only for the most beautiful and valuable models. This is a romantic, elegant crocheted dress. Its designer is Lilly Sarti, this explains the exquisite taste of the dress, which corresponds to the current fashion.

Crochet crochet skirt by Adam Lippes

Crochet crochet skirt by Adam Lippes

Every standard scheme has been used to everybody. Often we meet requests in the forums and various sites that would have thrown a new and interesting schema. But, more often than not, this does not give the expected results, all the “new” patterns are simply the long-forgotten “old” ones that have long been known to experienced knitters.

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