Green knitted hat with a scarf

knitted set hat and scarfWarm hat and scarf, which will not take much time to tie them. A set of knitting needles and thick yarns knit, the pattern also does not take much work, so you can knit it very quickly. This set will definitely appeal to those who do not like to knit long and monotonously, and even the most restless knitter will finish it.




Knitted leggings

knitted leggingsWarm leggings can be worn at any time of the year. They can be worn on boots in the winter, or just on the feet under sneakers, sneakers or ballet flats, during the warmer time of the year. They will always attract the attention of people around you. With the help of gaiters, you will stand out from the crowd and, finally, just warm your legs.




Pullover with a warm button-down collar, Bergere de France collection

men's pulloverA warm, knitted pullover with an original button closure will surely warm your beloved man. And if you bind it yourself, it will warm not only the body, but your soul mate, because the things that are associated with love have a special energy. Every man will be proud of such a thing in his wardrobe. And believe me – it will take first place there among other things, especially in the cold season.

Knitted boots for home master class

Home Knitted BootsAnother version of knitted boots for the home. They are very comfortable and warm, you will feel very comfortable in them. And after reading this article, you can become the owner of the same at home. Here I did a detailed workshop on their knitting. Welcome! =))

Knitted Tunic ♥ sleeveless (Look here)

Вязаная ТуникаThe charming beige Knitted Sleeveless Tunic can be the pride of every girl. The expressive collar and short sleeves give it elegance, and delicate patterns make it elegant.
But if you really wanted a very warm thing, then you can tie it with the sleeves, then a new warm sweater will appear in your wardrobe, which is not afraid of the cold, and in which you’ll feel warm and comfortable!




Green Sleeveless Pullover

zelynaya bezrukavkaA warm, cozy sleeveless jacket with a voluminous collar from Bergere de France will definitely not allow you to freeze in cold, winter evenings. This stylish pullover is knitted with knitting, and if it is also done with your own hands, it will not only warm your body, but your soul as well. It can be supplemented with sleeves, but not sew them, but made on strings or buttons, so called mitts or leggings.




Crochet knit set

knitted linenFirst of all, knitted underwear is very unusual! And besides, it contains notes of romance, sexuality and beauty. The young man, having seen you in him, will fall in love again, and the girlfriends just acquire, because you cannot buy this in a regular store, and not everyone can afford a hand-held robot. But we have the opportunity to do it with our own hands, and so we proceed!

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